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Maclauchlin river, Castle Bruce, Commonwealth of Dominica

On-going Vanilla Plantation development to 1 hectare 🌱 Subscription open

Maclauchlin river is where Sylvanilla ® was born in February 2015, from few Vanilla pods cultivated in the Clarke family farm in the Nature Island of Dominica. Maclauchlin farm has been continiously transmitted for more than 10 generations now. and is planted with coconut, banana and avocado trees, mango trees, sugar cane, guava and orange trees, cocoa, coffee trees, vanilla vines, cherries and plums trees, ginger and turmeric, dasheen and tannia, and I'm certainly forgetting lots of them. It's a mesmerizing abundance of fruits, roots, vegetables and aromatic herbs, nestled right inside the rainforest and crossed by the river which descends to the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, and is loaded with fishes, shells and crayfishes.

This is where we, Don Clarke aka @TheCaribbeanGardener and Sylvie Polano aka @Sylvanilla ®, live at time continiously cultivate, in limited quantity, a few different species of Vanilla vines. With focus on quality, our aim is to continiously develop 1 hectare parcel and to gradually increase and diversify our production, as we are meantime re-buidling what we lost in the last hurricane maria. A little wood house with a storage room, a few sliding trays, some more wood boxes and the bamboo pipeline straight from the river, is all we missed and start to re-build. We both also work aside, Don is a professional fisherman and farmer since his young age, and grows micro-greens by UMAMI in Zurich Switzerland since couple years, while I learn about Vanilla cultivation and trade specialty Vanilla since 2015. Beside I also do culinary degustations for a french federation.

With little work in symbiosis with nature, Maclauchlin farm will easily reach back to a few kilos of vanilla beans, and many more organic crops by 2025 already ! To make it happens you can participate to Maclauchlin' development program by Sylvanilla ® 🌱

Thank you very much for your kind support and we look forward to welcome you soon to Maclauchlin river, Castle Bruce, Dominica

Sylvie Polano

Founder of Sylvanilla ®

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